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Dragon's Hoarde Science Exposition


M'lord Yehoshua and I got up WAAAY too early on Saturday and drove to Himmel Park in the Barony of Tir Ysgthir to enjoy the first day of Dragon's Hoarde.  This local event raises money for the local group by holding tournaments where fighters are roped together as a "dragon" and fight other, single fighters, who pay for the privilege.  If they manage to kill all of the parts of the dragon, they got a prize from the Hoarde.  If I recall correctly, Sir Ivan was the only one to defeat the dragon on that day.  However, two young boys (who's names escape me, I'm afraid) were rewarded for fighting the adult dragon and killing two of the "limbs".  Here's some pictures of the fighting that I took as well as a couple of people shots.

The main reason that Yehoshua and I went, though, was for the science exposition that was sponsored by the event steward, Hanim Ari Usni.  A total of eleven people displayed, including Yehoshua, who demonstrated a cheese glue that he made using a period recipe he found online.  In addition to that, there were all sorts of nifty displays that incorporated the "Science" aspect of the Arts and Sciences.  At the end of the day, there were various prizes for Crown, Populace, Laurel and Dragon's choice.  I'm glad to say that Yehoshua came through like a champ and cleared three of the four categories, winning three books on various scientific objects.  The Dragon's choice was given to Lady Anya Sergeeva, who demonstrated the various dyes she made in order to decorate eggs.  Congratulations to both of them, and to all who displayed.  It was really well received and I hope to see more science displays in the future.

Another highlight of the day was the elevation of Steffan yr Ysgolhaig to the Order of the Pelican.  Their Majesties held a brief court so that this fine gentle could be elevated.  He's a Thane of Tir Ysgthir and a former Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.  Here's some pictures of his elevation, taken with my camera by m'lord SveinbiÇ«rn HallbiÇ«rnson.

All in all, it was a great day full of fun and Science.  We headed home after Saturday's events, but there was another full day on Sunday as well.  Congratulations to Sir Thomas de Revele on his elevation to the Chivalry as well as all those who were honored during Saturday and Sunday court.  Check the Atenveldt Facebook page for the list of names and accolades.

All of the pictures that I took on Saturday can be seen at my Picasa Album.  Be sure to check out all of the other awesome scientific displays!

The next event I will be attending is Coronation.  However, I will be posting a couple of articles before the big weekend.

Until Then, Atenveldt!


Kingdom A&S Competition Wrap up and Commentary

Alas, Real Life (tm) kept me from doing this on Sunday, which is normally the day I like to do post event wrap ups.  Better late than never, I suppose.

I went around photographing folks and checking out the various artisan's displays.  While I was doing that, I was minding the Silent Auction that I run (this is the third year).  The money raised goes towards funding the judges' luncheon at Estrella War.  Any extra gets used by the KMoAS for general expenses.  We had some pretty good swag this year, including some ceramic-ware and a set of Viking brooches made by His Majesty.  Overall, I think we made a little under 300 dollars for the office.  Not bad for a day's work.

The natives were getting restless, so as soon as the word was given, the general competition room was opened.  Folks stampeded in and checked out the various entries.  There was a lot of really cool stuff.  My personal favorite was the boat.  The creator, Lord Johann, said he was going to launch at Great Western War (which is going on right now in Caid... I'll make it out there one of these years...)

I also got the chance to check out the Brewing and Champion's rooms.  I took pictures of the brews and also got a chance to take pictures of all of the Champion entries and entrants.  All three ladies had fantastic displays and the entries looked quite magnificent.  Congratulations to Lady Elsa, the new Kingdom Champion!  The official results list is located in the Kingdom A&S Website.

Afterwards, I took some shots around the populace room, which had been turned into an area for final court.  I got some pictures of folks sitting around and getting ready as well as the bardic stylings of Lady Inara, who kept the crown going until Their Majesties arrived and court began.  The category winners all received scrolls commemorating their win.  Congratulations to Mistress Isabel d'Estella for her elevation to the Laurel!

Once court ended, a lot of folks took off to the various after revels.  However, the event wasn't over!  Mistress Jehanne took over the room, cleared the chairs and started leading dance along with Mistress Elaine and Sir Wulfhere.  Those who stayed behind got a heck of a work out!

Eventually, The crew of Brymstonne came out in their Tudor finery from last week.  The evening ended with fun, laughter, and lots of action shots.  Check it out!

Here's a link to the entire album on Picasa.  Feel free to use any of these pictures in your own Facebook, blog or other sharing, as long as you leave the copyright intact.  If you are interested in getting a high resolution copy of the image file, contact me directly at so we can work something out.  I'm also going to start being available at events to take more formal portraits.  My next major purchase is a tri-pod.

On October 15th, Yehoshua and I will return to the Barony of Tir Ysgithr for their annual Dragon's Horde event.  I'll be covering court (of course) but I'll also be providing extended coverage of the Science Exposition being hosted by Hanim Ari, who is the overall steward for this event.  It should be quite interesting.

Until then, Atenveldt!


Kingdom A and S 2011 - Barony of Tir Ysgthir - Boars and Beverages


I'm sitting at in the common dining area at the Hotel Tucson, people watching and enjoying the music from the musicians, the chatter of the populace, and keeping an eye out on the Silent Auction.   So far,  the event has been very social, with people flitting back and forth between the various artisan displays, the silent auction, the merchant on site (who is is making a killing, by the way... I just added several new books to my collection)  The hotel setting is very good for this event, because the lounge is available for drinks and there is plenty of food and drink well as air conditioning.

Morning court was held outdoors under the Baronial Pavilion.  Unfortunately, my camera died *right* before court started.  I'm sure there were several folks taking pictures, though.

Before court, I got the chance to walk around and take a look at some of the entries as they came in as well as take some pictures of the crowd.  After court, I set up the Silent Auction and assisted with rounding up judges.  Right now, we are waiting for the rooms to open.  I'll be walking around after I post this (and now that my camera battery is all juiced up) to take more pictures.  All of these will be available on the Picasa albums this evening once I get to an actual internet connection.

I had the honor to judge the Writing Research category.  There was only one entry, and it was a *very* interesting article.  The author chose not to identify themselves, but I offered to publish their paper on this blog and do an interview.  Here's hoping they look me up.

Tournaments were also held.  Duke Eduard sponsored a hardsuit tournament and Lord William sponsored a rapier tournament.  They were held outside in front of the Baronial Pavillion.

I'm now going to get up and take some pictures of folks relaxing as well as the artisan displays as well as the Champion and entry rooms when they are open.  Stay tuned to the Aten Facebook Page for coverage of final court as we announce the winners of the categories and who will be this year's Atenveldt A&S Champion!


Event Report - Chocolate Revel 2011 - Tudor Grandeur

On Saturday, Yehoshua and I made our way to the Fountain Hills Community Center for the College of Brymstonne's annual Chocolate Revel.  This year's theme was "Tudor Grandeur" - a celebration of King Henry VIII, his court and his wives.

The hall was full of folks socializing and enjoying the various offerings of food and drink.  This year's feast was fantastic with it's Tudor theme.  There was roasted goat, rabbit and fresh home made sausage made by Lady Tamsyn and her husband Lord Kylfur.

The traditional dessert contests were held once everyone had a chance to sample all of lovely food that folks brought in.  Check out the winners!

  • Best Chocolate Dessert (won by Dame Hrefna Karsefni)
  • Best Non Chocolate Dessert (won by Valerie Deaton)
  • Best Themed Dessert (won by Samantha and Carolina)
  • Best Diabetic Friendly Dessert (won by Uliane Iosefona)
  • Best Youth Dessert (won by Colton Haggard)

Another tradition at Chocolate Revel is the Youth and Adult Jousting competitions.  The College has a fine stable of stick horses ready to be used and much fun was had by all.  I was unable to get pictures of the Youth Jousting itself, but here's a lovely picture of the children being informed of the rules as well as some shots of the world famous Brymstonne Stables.  Congratulations to M'lord Garret McCloud, winner of this year's Joust!

The adult jousting is even more spectacular than the youth competition.  Here is video of the grudge match between Dame Jennifer Trethewy and Mistress Eden Blacksmith.  It was a tough battle, but in the end, Dame Jennifer emerged victorious to claim the title for the second year in a row.  Thanks to Baron Kristoff for posting video of this event.  Additional video this year's adult joust as well as historical joust footage can be seen here.

A quiz, written by Yours Truly, was offered to test the historical knowledge of Henry and his wives.  All who submitted their quizzes were entered into a drawing for a prize.  Congratulations to Taylor and Catherine, who won books to brush up on their history.

Finally, a frog flipping contest was held to break in the latest Brymstonne project.  Congratulations to m'lord Brandon of Twin Moons for his prowess at frog flipping.  I did not get pictures of the contest itself, but here's a shot of the Brymstonne lake. 

The highlight of the day was the processional of Henry and his wives.  According to Lady Selina, seneschal of the College, the Tudor Project was the brain child of Lord Uther the Dark from Ered Sul, who came to the Valley a little over a year ago and spoke about how he would love to dress up as Henry VIII and have all his wives with him in one place.  Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make it to the event itself, but because of this idea, a massive sewing project was undertaken by members of the college and other volunteers from the kingdom.  Mistress Magdalen Venturosa came to the event and presented Henry and his wives to the tune of her filk "The Tudor Limbo".  Can you guess who is who?  Check it out!

In addition to the contests, chocolate and food, there were a couple of fundraisers put on by the College to garner general funds.  A silent auction was held with various items donated by the populace, which raised a little over 600 dollars for the college.  Master Phillipos the Skeptic, in his guise as Cardinal Wolsey, also sold "indulgences" complete with a "papal seal" absolving the bearer of a variety of sins in exchange for a donation to the College's coffers.  The good Cardinal was able to raise just about 150 dollars by offering this spiritual service.

I set up my camera, along with a borrowed tripod from Baron Kristoff (Thanks again!  :) in front of one of the silk banners that the College is known for to take formal portraits of the attendees.  Check out some of the well dressed folks who attended the event.  All of the pictures are available online in my Picasa Album.  Anyone who is interested in getting a full size, high resolution picture for their own personal use can contact me to make arrangements.

Of course, There is no Chocolate Revel without DANCE!  Mistress Jehanne came out and led the populace in all sorts of dancing and merriment.  The highlight was having the music pumped through the audio system in the Center, providing a lovely background for all of the populace to enjoy.

A Bardic Circle was also held in the lobby where folks sat around in a circle and shared their songs and stories.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get pictures of these events, but they are all traditional parts of this great event.  Maybe next year?  

The final event of the evening before the winners were announced and we made our way home was Master Phillipos apprenticing M'lord Yehoshua ben Abram.  Here are some pictures of the belting.  Congratulations and good luck in your path, honey!  

The College of Brymstonne is known for putting on AWESOME events.  They work very hard to create a special ambiance that gives a great feel for the Current Middle Ages.  They are a close knit group of people who are very welcoming and have introduced many a college student to the SCA and provide a safe place for new folks to explore their interest and find their place in this magnificent game we play.  

Come on out to next year's Chocolate Revel!  You'll have a blast, I guarantee it!