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This is THL Jerusha a'laon, your Virtual Herald.

This is my own space and the opinions on this blog are my own and are not in any way, shape or form those of the officers, Crowns and Coronets of Atenveldt. This is a free and open space for anyone who is interested in additional content from the Virtual Herald.

I'm not interested in having this blog become a political battleground. I just want to be able to serve my kingdom as well as have an outlet for the journalism and photography degree I got from Northern Arizona University. Please respect that.

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Waiting for Court

The Knights are pow wowing and we're sitting around waiting for court to begin.

Coverage of tinal court will be happening at the Kingdom of Atenveldt Face Book page.  Stay tuned!

Awards for Granite Mountain read into Law

Read by Lady Emma Atwell, Lord Martin de Gras and Master Godfrey von Rheinfelds at Crown Tournament!

Order of Grace of Granite Mountain - award for courtesy and grace

Order of the Root of Granite Mountain - basic service award

Order of the Fury of Granite Mountain - hardsuit combat award

Order of the Leaf of Granite Mountain - youth award

Order of Granite Mountain's Finesse - rapier award

Order of the Peregrine of Granite Mountain - archery award

Order of the Emerald Heart of Granite Mountain - outstanding long term service to the Barony, above and beyond the norm.

Order of the Golden Heart of Granite Mountain - extreme service to the Barony

Order of the Beauty of Granite Mountain - Arts and Sciences Award.

Duke Craven is Prince!!


The finals begin!

The fighters are introduced.

Bannthegn Sibilla heralds in Duke Craven and Duchess Elzbieta

Master Seamus heralds in Sir Silvestro and Mistress Cassia, who is currently Duke Craven's squire as well.

House SIBOD has a lock!

Craven is keeping his advantage, so Sly will need to win twice.

And we're down to the wire!!!

Duke Craven, who is undefeated in this tournament, fights his former squire, Sir Silvestro Lo Nero, who has one loss in this tournament.   A ten minute recess has been called before the final begins.  Stay tuned to find out who will be the next King of Atenveldt!

Tristan vs. Eduard

Eduard wins

Tristan is out.

Round is over.  Stay tuned for finals!

Craven Vs. Ivan

Craven wins

Sir Ivan is out.

Craven is the only undefeated fighter left on this list!

Thomas vs. Silvestro

Sir Silvestro wins

Lord Thomas is out.  Congrats for being the last non belt out.  Of course, he's getting knighted next month, but we go for accuracy here at The Virtual Herald.

Round Six!

In round six, we have the following fights:

Lord Thomas vs. Sir Silvestro
Duke Craven vs. Posadnik Ivan
Jarl Tristan vs. Duke Eduard (bye fight - DESTRUCTIVE!)

Heeeere we go!

Sir Silvestro vs. Thegn Christopher

Sir Silvestro wins

Christopher is out.

Round Five ends.

Stay tuned for Round Six!

Phelan Vs. Ivan

Ivan wins

Duke Phelan is out.

Lord Thomas vs. Sir Donnegal

Lord Thomas wins

Sir Donnegal is out

Craven vs. Tristan

Craven wins

Craven, undefeated

Tristan's first loss

Round Five has Started!

Round Five has started and we’re down to one eric!

We’ve got the following fights on deck:

Duke Craven vs Jarl Tristan
Lord Thomas vs Sir Donnegal
Duke Phelan vs. Sir Ivan
Thegn Christopher vs Sir Silvestro

That means the following folks have been eliminated:

Duke Mann
Sir Elias
Sir Kazimir Valentov (apologies for putting him in the last list of eliminated fighters)
Thegn Thomas Godfroy
Thegn Charles de Lacy
Lord Bjorn H.

Stay tuned for updates of Round Six! 

Eric One and Two, Round Four

Round Three Results!

Round Three has ended and the following fighters have been eliminated:

Lady Valora

Lord Nikita

Sir Sean South

Sir Kazimir Valentov

Sir Lothar le Coi

THL Vallawulf

Lord Matthew de Lacy


Round Four is coming up and it's starting to get down to the hot sticks.  Stand by for the list of fighters!

Eric One and Two, Round Three

Baron Morgan Aethelwulf is fighting the by fight.  By fights ARE DESTRUCTIVE.

Stay tuned for results!

Eric One and Two, Round Two

Round Two has ended.


Round Two has now ended.  The following gentles have been eliminated:


Sayiddah Mariyah

Lord Ulrich

Lord Juels

Lord Tiberius

Lord Ruadhan

Lord Michael Mac Tigenarg

Lord Duncan


Towards the end of ther ound, some of the fights from the yello eric were moved to the blue eric.  Stay tuned for updates after Round Three!

Eric One and Eric Two, Round One

Crown Tournament, Processional and Round one

Greetings, Atenveldt!


The processional has ended (I had to do herald duty, or I would have been posting sooner) and the first round bouts have been chosen.  After belts and non belts lined up, His Majesty invited the following fighters to join the chivalry on their side of the line:


Lord Thomas d'Revel (fighting for Mistress Illora)

Thegn Christopher FitzArthur, fighting for Bannthegn Miana

Thegn Charles del Lacy, fighting for Bannthegn Christine von Guttin


Once the sides were evened out, His Majesty invited the unbelted fighters to come forth and choose their first bout.  The order of of choices are as follows:


Lord Duncan fuar Bane, fighting for Baroness Anneliese chose to fight Duke Phelan O'Colein, fighting for Duchess Amiarah Al Zahra

Lord Ruan, fighing to Lady Zahira, chose to fight Sir Silvestro Lo Nero, fighting for Mistress Cassia Mortiveaux

Lord Micheal, fighthing for Dame Angele, chose to fight Jarl Tristan Dragonheart, fighting for Countess Damiana McDade

Lord Josephus, fighting for Mistress Cassandra of Kingswear, chose to fight Sir Lothar le Coi, fighting for Lady Norah Rose Tenpenny

THL Vallawulf Rurkison, fighting for Mistress Cecile de Bretigny, chose to fight Duke Craven, fighting for Duchess Elzbieta

Thegn Thomas Godfroy, fighting for THL Scarlett Hawkings, chose to fight Duke Mann, fighting for Duchess Katerina

Lord Micheal de Lacy, fighting for Lady Mineko of Twin Moons, chose to fight Sir Donnegal Buchannan, fighting for Lady Iona Putnika

Lord Giles Richardson, fighting for Lady Eleanor Peregrine, chose to fight Sir Sean of the South, fighting for Lady Elaria filia Robert

Lord Jeuls de Caen, fighting for Lady Antionette Isabeau de Dauphine, chose to fight Sir Elias Loredan, fighting for Countess Mary Rose of Burgundy

Lord Gottfried, fighting for Lady Laura O'Nillian, chose to fight Thegn Christopher Fitzarthur

Lady Mariyah al Medina, fighting for Lord Bjorn H, chose to fight Sir Kazimir Valentov, fighting for Baroness Eahaba

Lady Valora tou Aviya, fighting for Lord Nikita Kieveitch, chose to fight Sir Ivan Petrovich, fighting for Posadnitsa Iaunuk Raventhorne

Lord Bjorn H, fighting for Lady Mariyah al Medina, chose to fight Thegn Charles de Lacy

Lord Nikita Kieveitch, fighting for Lady Valora tou Aviya, chose to fight Lord Thomas de Revel.


Round One is ongoing, there are only two erics in this tournament.  Stay tuned for the results of Round two, when the first eliminations are announced!


Coming up Next: Crown Tournament!

Greetings, Atenveldt!

Fall (well, sort of...this *is* Arizona, after all) Crown Tournament is upon us!  I look forward to providing the populace with enhanced coverage through this blog as well as the Kingdom of Atenveldt Facebook Page!

Crown Tournament has always been one of my favorite events.  I enjoy the heraldic pageantry, the inspiration and grace of the consorts and the prowess of the fighters.  As Corona Herald, I got to really get an insiders look at the tournament, as well as the best seat in the house for the finals!

I wish Lord Martin de Gras, my successor as Corona, all the best in his first tournament.  I myself will be day-tripping on Saturday with Master Godfrey, Lady Corynne, and their children.  I expect to get there bright and early to set up my computer, my camera and have my phone ready to go!

Since this will be my first Atenveldt event with Enhanced Coverage, I have an idea of how I'd like things to go, but they may change as the day progresses.  I will try to get a good seat next to the list table so that I can profile those gentles that are checking in to fight.  I will then micro blog opening court on the face book page.  I will then do a running post on the rounds, uploading pictures of the eric list as well as commentary on who won or lost their bouts after each round. Coverage will probably get more intense during the semi finals and finals.  Once the winner is determined, I will post it to the Atenveldt FB page.  Final Court will be blogged on the FB page as well.  An event wrap up report will then be posted on the blog, complete with a summary of court and the awards given.

Please stay tuned to this blog throughout the day on Saturday.  It's going to be a great time!

Until then, Atenveldt!


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Pictures at Last!


I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting my pictures posted on the web.  I didn't think it would take this long.  I still have several more albums to go, but I will post links to what I have now.  I will edit this post as additional albums get uploaded. [EDIT:  All of the pictures are posted.  Enjoy!  :)]

I took lots of pictures of people I don't know.  If you see your picture and you want it removed, please let me know via this post or privately at and I will happily remove it.  If you are wanting a high resolution copy of a particular photo, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.


Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Hi Guys!

I know I said I would have Pennsic Pictures up today.  Unfortunately, I've run into some technical difficulties moving my pictures from my laptop until my desktop.  I have the issue resolved, but I am now turning into a pumpkin and will need to go to bed.  Seeing as I'm still on East Cost time, I'll probably be up early tomorrow morning and will get some stuff posted.  Please bear with me.


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Wrapping Up and Moving Forward


I apologize for the delay between posts.  Once we were on the plane, there was no way for me to post anything.  I got home at around 9pm and I was so exhausted I went straight to bed!  Sunday was more of the same and Monday was the craziness of getting back into the modern world.

To wrap up the trip, Saturday was spent entirely helping with camp tear down.  I did what I could, under the direction of Countess Mary Rose, Baroness Ann and the other folks.  I'm not much of a camper, so I needed direction in order to be useful.  Baron Morgan graciously gave me a ride to the airport so that THL Bertana could pack up and head home without having to worry about me.  Without her, I would not have been able to be as successful at this trip as I was.

I also thank His Majesty Arthur, Duke Craven, Countess Mary Rose, Baroness Ann, Lord Alaric, Lord Robert, Lord Michael, Sir Sylvester, Thegn Tierghnan, Bannthegn Sibilla, Sir Donngal, Lady Aasni, Master Joseph, Mistress Isabeau, Thegn Uko, Sir Lothar, Duke Mann and Duchess Katerina for their support, hospitality and friendship during my stay in Atenveldt Royal.  If I left anyone out, I sincerely apologize.  I am also eternally grateful to all of the new friends I met and I look forward to showcasing their talents and introducing them to Atenveldt and all the western kingdoms.  I've got enough subject matter to last me a long time.

Lastly, I thank my lord Yehoshua (Josh) for his love, patience and kindness.  Next time I go to Pennsic, he will * definitely*  be coming along for the ride. :)

I have lots of photographs to catalogue and edit together.  I am thinking I will be doing this tonight when I get home from work.  I have decided that I will be using Picasa to house The Virtual Herald albums and will get that set up and the links posted.

Next up for the Virtual Herald is Crown Tournament!  It will be held the last weekend in August in Chino Valley, Arizona (Barony of Granite Mountain).  I will be doing enhanced coverage on the blog and posting court updates on the Atenveldt Face Book page.  Stay tuned!

Until then, Atenveldt!


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Headed Home!


Because of electrical issues, I wasn't able to really post until I got to the airport terminal and was able to plug in my laptop, phone and Kindle.  The flight is delayed according to the airline, so that gives me a little extra time to cover Thursday and Friday evening.

First, here are some pictures of the Maharal Concert.  It was an ensemble of different groups, only one of which is active in the SCA.  Maharal itself consists of a gentleman named Brett and his dancer, known as The Muse.  He plays the Saz, which is a Turkish lute.  He had a full band with him, including drums, guitar, another saz, oboe and zills.  Besides the Muse, there were three other guest dancers.  The music is mostly original work, with original arrangements.  According to the gatebook, they blend "styles from the 12th to 14th Century Europe, Anatolia and the Middle East, as well as Turkish, Arabic and Jewish cultural influences."   Here are a sampling of pictures from that concert:

 Friday night was truly magical.  I got to go up high on the hill and take pictures of the site from that vantage point as well as pictures of the lake and the encampments along the banks.  I also managed to get some nature shots and other assorted goodies.  Here's a sampling from that shoot:

After that, I sauntered over to merchant's row and spent some time with Baron Henry and Baroness Eirny.  They are the current Baron and Baroness of Ered Sul, my home SCA group.  They are both Laurels and merchant at Pennsic and other events as The Treasury, which features Eirny's glass beads in assorted historic jewelery applications.

Now the flight is boarding so this post will continue in Phoenix.  Almost home!


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Prelude to the End

The Mahaal concert last night was awesome!  I took over 500 pictures and got some really good shots.  I went to bed early, because I knew today would be a busy day.  I'll have the pictures up when I get home.
This morning I attended three classes.  The first class was on building bust supporting undergarments to achieve a period silohuette.  The instructor was informative and quite funny and had lots of practical suggestions.  I'll be posting a feature length article about her in the future.
Next, I attended a class on the requirements for getting published in the Compleate Anachronist, the SCA's scholarly publication.  Mistress Jadwiga discussed the publication requirements and the peer (scholarly, not SCA) review process that each manuscript is subjected to before publication.  Quite interesting.
After that, I went to a Viking Embroidery class. I didn't stay long, and the instructor emphatically asked not to have her picture taken.  The handout was very informative, though.
I stopped by Mystic Mail and picked up my phone and put in my order for handouts.  Contrary to popular belief,  not all of the class handouts are available nor can they all be purchased.  It is up to each instructor to determine whether or not to make theitr handouts available.  I also found out that they close at 5 today, so this will actually be my last post onsite.  I'll be posting from the airport tomorrow.
This afternoon, I'll be helpng to tear down the Atenveldt Encampment.  Because of this, I'll be missing the closing ceremonies.  Perhaps next time.
However, I will be getting a tour of the site this evening with one of the Pennsic War staff and take some pictures.  I'm really exciterd about that.
Well, time to get cracking on that tent.  It won't pack itself...


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Of Books and Memorials

Today was a relatively light afternoon.  I attended one class, this one on embroidered book covers.  The instructor is a lovely lady from the East Kingdom named Baroness Cateline who is conducting independent research on books and book covers.  She's gotten together some really cool information and I am looking forward to following up with her and do a feature article about her research.  This was her first time teaching at Pennsic, and she did a great job!

After that, I made my way over to the Pennsic Memorial Ship.  I was able to paint a round shield in memory of Master Yehudah of Nuremberg, a mentor and friend who unfortunately passed away two years ago.  I learned later that Lady Aasni also made him a shield, along with one for THL Regan Weissdrachen, a member of the rapier community who passed away several years before.  She will be shooting the burning of the ship this evening and has graciously agreed to share her photos with me.   These shields, as well as other shields and remembrances, will be included in this years ship.  I find this fitting and appropriate.

Rest well, Larry and Regan.

I got back to camp in time to celebrate Atenveldt Sombrero Night.  No official Court from His Majesty at this event, but once again, the Sombreros were donned and the first order of business was to stop by the Kingdom of Artemesia encampment to with Happy Birthday to Her Royal Majesty.  I had heard of this tradition and wanted to participate in my own I brought my Border Patrol cap (Thanks, Chris!  :)

Tonight I will be attending Maharal, a Middle Eastern, Spanish and Jewish dance fusion performance at the Performing arts stage.  I hope to snag a seat in the front row, and be able to catch some nice pictures of the action.  Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the last day and I have a special treat planned.  Stay tuned and watch this space!

Until then!  Wish you all were here!  :)

An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Pennants in the Wind

I did the Atlantian Heraldic Walking Tour this morning and it was a BLAST! The tour started at Herald's Point and was conducted by Lord Phillippe Hartrat of Atlantia.  It was a small tour, but he was a very knowledgable guide, showing and explaining the myriad of methods in which heraldry can be displayed at Pennsic.  I took lots of pictures!
The best part of the Tour was that we were able to present certificates of Excellence in Heraldic Display to three worthy encampments.  We chose Vair and Ermine out of Atlantia (I got to meet The Attack Laurel in person.  SQUEEE!), a viking household whose name I forgot and... Atenveldt!  According to Lord Phillippe and the rest of the tour, our encampent had the best display of pennants at Pennsic.  Countess Mary Rose was in camp and she, along with Baroness Ann accepted the certificate.  Indeed, much ado has been made of the banners and how wonderous they look, especially when there is a strong breeze.

  The clouds are beautiful and formed a wonderful backdrop to today's pictures.  I have one class to attend at 3, and then I'm going to take the bus down to the lake and take some more pictures.  Tonight is the Maharal performance as well as the burning of the pennsic Memorial ship.  I want to stop by and take a picture and if I can, add Master Yehudah's name to the memorial.  He passed away two years ago, but he is still in my heart, and I hope to able to honor his memory in this way.


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: At Madness' End

It's a little past midnight here at Pennsic.  I'm back at my spot next to Historic Enterprises letting my tired feet rest before making the trek back to camp.
My purchases were small, in the grand scheme of things.  I got a work shirt for Josh and I as well as a slab and burnisher for my period pigments.  I'm waiting until payday for the book purchases.
There were tons of people out tonight.  I got some pictures with my DSLR that I'll post tomorrow, along with my pictures of the heraldic walking tour, which starts at 10 am tomorrow morning.
Another stardust moment:  walking past the performance stage at the merchant area by the barn.  The band was playing one of the dance songs and I was watching people dancing to the music in the moonlight.  Beautiful.  I would have taken a picture, but the flash would have ruined the moment.

An Atenvelder at Pennsic: Of Chili and Wire Weaving


Today I took a viking wire weaving class taught by Baroness Betha of the Aethelmarc.  I got to make my own mini chain and make it into a nice bracelet to wear.  She was very enthusiastic about all things wire!  I'll be doing a feather length article to follow up on her and her work.  In the meantime, check out her site:  It's quite awesome!

Once the class ended, I made my Way to Caid to meet up with some people that my friend Kythera.  Unfortunately, they were not in camp, but I gave my regards.  I then caught a bus and took a tour of the site.  I took some pictures along the way.  The Heraldic Walking Tour is tomorrow and I can't wait to see what exciting pictures I get.  Here are some that I took on the bus.  Gotta love the ingenuity of the SCA!

After that, I made my way back through Merchants row back to camp.  I stopped and checked out the tail end of a magician's show.  The gentleman was a great sleight of hand artist, and quite entertaining.  He had us all in stitches by the time he was done.  I showed my appreciation by emptying my change purse.

After that, I got back to camp and made ready for Ansteorra's Chili Night.  I had a hearty chili with beans, cheese and cornbread.  There were lots of folks there and I enjoyed a nice conversation with Master Joseph and Lady Aasni.  In fact, it was so enjoyable, I am now running behind.

Midnight Maddness is going on right now and I've got money burning a hole in my pocket.  Off to go spend! 

An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

I'm sitting on the benches alongside Master John the Artificer's booth watching the world go by before heading to the Basic Viking Wire Weaving class.  I took it easy this morning and skipped morning classes to help Master Joseph make breakfast.  I followed his directions, mostly, since cooking is *not* my forte.  Afterwards I took a wonderful shower and dressed in my flemish.  I made my way around merchants and have made my first war purchase: 73 bucks worth of period pigments from Master John the Artificer.  The first time I came to Pennsic, I was able to purchase a few pigments with Maestra Alex's generosity.  I came back and got all of the other colors.  Heee!
In the time I typed that up, I've seen Wolgemut perform and right now I'm hearing a lovely children's choir.   I saw the King and Queen of Aethelmarc walk by and right now, the Society exchequer is making phone calls next to me (poor sap isn't gettiing anyone to answer, though...)  He did give me directions to Caid Royal, so I can visit the friends my buddy Kythera told me about. 


An Atenveldter at Pennsic: A Dancing We Shall Go!

The good news is that I made it to the Barn before the big storm hit.  The bad news is that I left the SD card still plugged in to my computer, which is back at camp.
Fear not!  I still have my trusty smart phone and was able to snap some shots of the dancing.  I was also able to get some video, but that footage will have to wait until I gaet home to upload.  As my fiance' has quoted from one of the several podcasts he listened to, "The best camera is the one you have with you."
Lot's of people, twirling in their finery.  A top knotch live band with a huge variety of instuments.  All levels of dancers are on the floor.  The more experienced helping those that are newer.  Kids running arounds and a general atmosphere of joy and gaity surround the Barn, even though it's raining buckets outside.  Truly the setting for magic and a beauty that is part of the SCA.
I am sitting to the side, listening to the music and watching the dancers.  During an alamande, I saw the lead dancer directing a line of dancers that encircled the entire barn.  She was dancing with her lord and the joy in their faces as they came together was a true stardust moment. 
The costumes are beautiful.  We have Turkish ladies, Burgundian gentlemen and everything in between.  Darn it!  I wish I hadn't forgotten the SD card! 

An Atenveldter at Pennsic: A Little Bit of This and That

It appears that I can post from the comfort of my encampment with the power of EasyTether and my Laptop.


This morning I woke up after spending a lovely evening listening to the rain.  I kept waking up to make sure my tent wasn't flooding.  I have a bunch of electronics, ya know, and I like my electronics.

I dressed up, munched some breakfast and headed to my first class:  Teaching in The SCA.  The instructor, Mistress Alicia Langland, is a modern 7th grade teacher and provided a great system of planning and organization that I will be looking to incorporate into this blog.

After that, I moseyed on over to the Barn to check out the Pennsic History Display in the Barn.  The display was set up as a timeline that showed the various facts of each Pennsic as well as a collection of pictures, memorabilia, and other artifacts.  The display was organized and presented by Lady Naomi bat Avraham who hails from the Shire of Harshorn-dale in the East Kingdom (Chester and Montgomery Counties, PA).  Here are some highlights of that display.  I'll post the full set of pictures when I return.

Once that  was over, I made my way to the A&S Area, where I was able to watch the Board of Directors in Action.  There were various august personages, and I managed to take some pictures with my camera.  Topics ranged from newsletter and e-newsletter issues to zip code questions.  There were some heated moments, but for the most part, the thing I got out of the meeting is the BoD is looking for ways to run the SCA more like a business in order for the game part to continue.  I don't envy them.  Here are some pictures from that meeting.  Again, a full set will be posted when I get home.

After that, I took a class on adjusting your SCA experiences to fit a modern resume.  The instructor is from An Tir, and modernly, she is an HR recruiter. She is also the Chatelaine for the Barony of Madrone.  Her name is Kristen Fife and she had some really good points.
Once that class was over, I made my my way down the Serengeti Plain and took some pictures of my walk back towards the barn for the Fools Parade.  I took several pictures along the way.  Check them out!

I got there early, so I took some pictures of the folks arriving for the Pennsic Fools Parade.  I remember that event from the first Pennsic I went to.  Some of my best photographs of that Pennsic came from the parade, and It was quite fun to watch people be silly.  The Fool's Parade this year was smaller than I remembered, and had mostly children and their parents, along with some folks young at heart.  I also did some chatting and met a couple of other photographers, including a gentleman who's working on an SCA documentary.  Unfortunately, I did not get his information, but I gave him my card.  I hope he contacts me at some point.

And now, here we are.  I've already consumed dinner and am enjoying the fan at Mystic Mail (I did do part of this blog from camp, but you need a little more than 3G to upload pictures, I"m afraid).  Tonight is the Pennsic Grand Ball and I'll be there taking pictures.  I'll post about that tomorrow as well as any other adventures I have.