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An Atenvelder at Pennsic: Of Chili and Wire Weaving


Today I took a viking wire weaving class taught by Baroness Betha of the Aethelmarc.  I got to make my own mini chain and make it into a nice bracelet to wear.  She was very enthusiastic about all things wire!  I'll be doing a feather length article to follow up on her and her work.  In the meantime, check out her site:  It's quite awesome!

Once the class ended, I made my Way to Caid to meet up with some people that my friend Kythera.  Unfortunately, they were not in camp, but I gave my regards.  I then caught a bus and took a tour of the site.  I took some pictures along the way.  The Heraldic Walking Tour is tomorrow and I can't wait to see what exciting pictures I get.  Here are some that I took on the bus.  Gotta love the ingenuity of the SCA!

After that, I made my way back through Merchants row back to camp.  I stopped and checked out the tail end of a magician's show.  The gentleman was a great sleight of hand artist, and quite entertaining.  He had us all in stitches by the time he was done.  I showed my appreciation by emptying my change purse.

After that, I got back to camp and made ready for Ansteorra's Chili Night.  I had a hearty chili with beans, cheese and cornbread.  There were lots of folks there and I enjoyed a nice conversation with Master Joseph and Lady Aasni.  In fact, it was so enjoyable, I am now running behind.

Midnight Maddness is going on right now and I've got money burning a hole in my pocket.  Off to go spend!