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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: A&S Ahoy!

Once I finished writing my last post, I made my way to the A&S tents and took some classes.

The first class I took was about the foods used in a medieval Seder.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided different samples of charosis (which is a fruit and grain paste made to represent the mortar of the bricks the Jews had to work with in Egypt).  They were all on the sweet to tart side, and while some were so good I ate my sample, some I didn't care for.  I took the handout and a list of recipies for Josh, my fiance, to experiment with when I get home.  He plays a Jewish persona.

After that, I stayed in the same classroom and enjoyed a lovely lecture and demonstration on period sauces.  The instructor also provided samples and even had several members of the class work to create a green sauce.  all of the sauces were made available to sample.  My favorite was the carmeline sauce.  Josh will definitely be making that for dinner one night.  :D

After that I putzed around for awhile at the merchant's row.  I saw lots of things that I will be returning to and purchasing throughout the week.  I also stopped by and got some postcards for my co-workers and a coffee mug for Josh.  For now, I'll be using it at camp, since I didn't bring one with me.

The final class I attended was an introduction to Ottoman and Turkish embroidery.  The instructor was this lovely woman from Caid (her name escapes me now, since I don't have my materials with me, but I'll come back and edit the post when I have a chance) and for ten bucks I got some gold thread and brass plate, linen, and embroidery thread.  We got hit with a spate of rain during the class but I managed to get out in time to make it back to camp for dinner.

So far, camp has been a very cool place.  People are nice, and the fact that Master Joseph is the man cooking our food makes everyone nice and mellow at dinner.  The fighters had a castle battle of some sort today and are looking forward to the next one.  I myself am looking forward to tomorrow's A&S adventure.

Tomorrow's plan includes a tour of the Pennsic history exhibit, more classes, and maybe a performance piece or two.  I actually am feeling much better tonight, so I may end up going out and about this evening, but I'll still be turning in rather early, since It'll be my turn to help with breakfast in the morning.