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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: A Little Bit of This and That

It appears that I can post from the comfort of my encampment with the power of EasyTether and my Laptop.


This morning I woke up after spending a lovely evening listening to the rain.  I kept waking up to make sure my tent wasn't flooding.  I have a bunch of electronics, ya know, and I like my electronics.

I dressed up, munched some breakfast and headed to my first class:  Teaching in The SCA.  The instructor, Mistress Alicia Langland, is a modern 7th grade teacher and provided a great system of planning and organization that I will be looking to incorporate into this blog.

After that, I moseyed on over to the Barn to check out the Pennsic History Display in the Barn.  The display was set up as a timeline that showed the various facts of each Pennsic as well as a collection of pictures, memorabilia, and other artifacts.  The display was organized and presented by Lady Naomi bat Avraham who hails from the Shire of Harshorn-dale in the East Kingdom (Chester and Montgomery Counties, PA).  Here are some highlights of that display.  I'll post the full set of pictures when I return.

Once that  was over, I made my way to the A&S Area, where I was able to watch the Board of Directors in Action.  There were various august personages, and I managed to take some pictures with my camera.  Topics ranged from newsletter and e-newsletter issues to zip code questions.  There were some heated moments, but for the most part, the thing I got out of the meeting is the BoD is looking for ways to run the SCA more like a business in order for the game part to continue.  I don't envy them.  Here are some pictures from that meeting.  Again, a full set will be posted when I get home.

After that, I took a class on adjusting your SCA experiences to fit a modern resume.  The instructor is from An Tir, and modernly, she is an HR recruiter. She is also the Chatelaine for the Barony of Madrone.  Her name is Kristen Fife and she had some really good points.
Once that class was over, I made my my way down the Serengeti Plain and took some pictures of my walk back towards the barn for the Fools Parade.  I took several pictures along the way.  Check them out!

I got there early, so I took some pictures of the folks arriving for the Pennsic Fools Parade.  I remember that event from the first Pennsic I went to.  Some of my best photographs of that Pennsic came from the parade, and It was quite fun to watch people be silly.  The Fool's Parade this year was smaller than I remembered, and had mostly children and their parents, along with some folks young at heart.  I also did some chatting and met a couple of other photographers, including a gentleman who's working on an SCA documentary.  Unfortunately, I did not get his information, but I gave him my card.  I hope he contacts me at some point.

And now, here we are.  I've already consumed dinner and am enjoying the fan at Mystic Mail (I did do part of this blog from camp, but you need a little more than 3G to upload pictures, I"m afraid).  Tonight is the Pennsic Grand Ball and I'll be there taking pictures.  I'll post about that tomorrow as well as any other adventures I have.