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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Of Books and Memorials

Today was a relatively light afternoon.  I attended one class, this one on embroidered book covers.  The instructor is a lovely lady from the East Kingdom named Baroness Cateline who is conducting independent research on books and book covers.  She's gotten together some really cool information and I am looking forward to following up with her and do a feature article about her research.  This was her first time teaching at Pennsic, and she did a great job!

After that, I made my way over to the Pennsic Memorial Ship.  I was able to paint a round shield in memory of Master Yehudah of Nuremberg, a mentor and friend who unfortunately passed away two years ago.  I learned later that Lady Aasni also made him a shield, along with one for THL Regan Weissdrachen, a member of the rapier community who passed away several years before.  She will be shooting the burning of the ship this evening and has graciously agreed to share her photos with me.   These shields, as well as other shields and remembrances, will be included in this years ship.  I find this fitting and appropriate.

Rest well, Larry and Regan.

I got back to camp in time to celebrate Atenveldt Sombrero Night.  No official Court from His Majesty at this event, but once again, the Sombreros were donned and the first order of business was to stop by the Kingdom of Artemesia encampment to with Happy Birthday to Her Royal Majesty.  I had heard of this tradition and wanted to participate in my own I brought my Border Patrol cap (Thanks, Chris!  :)

Tonight I will be attending Maharal, a Middle Eastern, Spanish and Jewish dance fusion performance at the Performing arts stage.  I hope to snag a seat in the front row, and be able to catch some nice pictures of the action.  Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the last day and I have a special treat planned.  Stay tuned and watch this space!

Until then!  Wish you all were here!  :)