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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

I'm sitting on the benches alongside Master John the Artificer's booth watching the world go by before heading to the Basic Viking Wire Weaving class.  I took it easy this morning and skipped morning classes to help Master Joseph make breakfast.  I followed his directions, mostly, since cooking is *not* my forte.  Afterwards I took a wonderful shower and dressed in my flemish.  I made my way around merchants and have made my first war purchase: 73 bucks worth of period pigments from Master John the Artificer.  The first time I came to Pennsic, I was able to purchase a few pigments with Maestra Alex's generosity.  I came back and got all of the other colors.  Heee!
In the time I typed that up, I've seen Wolgemut perform and right now I'm hearing a lovely children's choir.   I saw the King and Queen of Aethelmarc walk by and right now, the Society exchequer is making phone calls next to me (poor sap isn't gettiing anyone to answer, though...)  He did give me directions to Caid Royal, so I can visit the friends my buddy Kythera told me about.