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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Opening Ceremonies

I was told to meet the Kingdom processional at noon at the Eastern Royal Encampment.  I got there a little early and took some pictures of folks mustering for what turned out to be a freakin' HUGE parade!  Apparently, the East Kingdom processes with all of their Baronial Groups...I believe the number is at 40.  And I thought Seven Baronies was a lot!  Eventually, the Atenveldt contingent arrived.  His Majesty came with his squires, knights, and other folks from the camp.  I was also able to walk with this august group in the processional itself, which gave me a good vantage point of all the pomp and circumstance that the Opening Ceremonies were about.

After a lot of "hurry up and wait"  The processional finally started.  Atenveldt was immediately behind all of the East Kingdom Baronies.  An Tir was behind us.  We walked from EK Royal down to the Battlefield.  It was a magnificent sight and I was impressed with all of the heraldry and pageantry on display.

The one thing that stood out for me that I thought was really cool is that, apparently, the Crown of Aethelmarc is doing a Japanese themed reign.  Their Majesties were resplendent in robes of the period (I particularly loved her Majesty's clothing) and the had a full complement of retainers, including a full Taiko drum band.  I thought it was groovy.

After Everyone Declared their side (Aten is fighting with the East, Caid and Outlands with the Middle, and Northsheild split their army and had each style fighting for the different sides...that caused quite a stir).  The War horn was presented and blown by the King of the East.

After that, the assembled Royals started a Champions tourney of some sort.  By that time, I was exhausted and pretty hungry, so I hiked back to the foodcourt, had lunch and lugged my sorry self back to camp, where I stayed the rest of the day.  Apparently, the ceremonies drained all of the energy from my and I was in bed by 8pm.  Here's hoping today is better.  Off to class!