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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Pennants in the Wind

I did the Atlantian Heraldic Walking Tour this morning and it was a BLAST! The tour started at Herald's Point and was conducted by Lord Phillippe Hartrat of Atlantia.  It was a small tour, but he was a very knowledgable guide, showing and explaining the myriad of methods in which heraldry can be displayed at Pennsic.  I took lots of pictures!
The best part of the Tour was that we were able to present certificates of Excellence in Heraldic Display to three worthy encampments.  We chose Vair and Ermine out of Atlantia (I got to meet The Attack Laurel in person.  SQUEEE!), a viking household whose name I forgot and... Atenveldt!  According to Lord Phillippe and the rest of the tour, our encampent had the best display of pennants at Pennsic.  Countess Mary Rose was in camp and she, along with Baroness Ann accepted the certificate.  Indeed, much ado has been made of the banners and how wonderous they look, especially when there is a strong breeze.

  The clouds are beautiful and formed a wonderful backdrop to today's pictures.  I have one class to attend at 3, and then I'm going to take the bus down to the lake and take some more pictures.  Tonight is the Maharal performance as well as the burning of the pennsic Memorial ship.  I want to stop by and take a picture and if I can, add Master Yehudah's name to the memorial.  He passed away two years ago, but he is still in my heart, and I hope to able to honor his memory in this way.