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Crown Tournament, Processional and Round one

Greetings, Atenveldt!


The processional has ended (I had to do herald duty, or I would have been posting sooner) and the first round bouts have been chosen.  After belts and non belts lined up, His Majesty invited the following fighters to join the chivalry on their side of the line:


Lord Thomas d'Revel (fighting for Mistress Illora)

Thegn Christopher FitzArthur, fighting for Bannthegn Miana

Thegn Charles del Lacy, fighting for Bannthegn Christine von Guttin


Once the sides were evened out, His Majesty invited the unbelted fighters to come forth and choose their first bout.  The order of of choices are as follows:


Lord Duncan fuar Bane, fighting for Baroness Anneliese chose to fight Duke Phelan O'Colein, fighting for Duchess Amiarah Al Zahra

Lord Ruan, fighing to Lady Zahira, chose to fight Sir Silvestro Lo Nero, fighting for Mistress Cassia Mortiveaux

Lord Micheal, fighthing for Dame Angele, chose to fight Jarl Tristan Dragonheart, fighting for Countess Damiana McDade

Lord Josephus, fighting for Mistress Cassandra of Kingswear, chose to fight Sir Lothar le Coi, fighting for Lady Norah Rose Tenpenny

THL Vallawulf Rurkison, fighting for Mistress Cecile de Bretigny, chose to fight Duke Craven, fighting for Duchess Elzbieta

Thegn Thomas Godfroy, fighting for THL Scarlett Hawkings, chose to fight Duke Mann, fighting for Duchess Katerina

Lord Micheal de Lacy, fighting for Lady Mineko of Twin Moons, chose to fight Sir Donnegal Buchannan, fighting for Lady Iona Putnika

Lord Giles Richardson, fighting for Lady Eleanor Peregrine, chose to fight Sir Sean of the South, fighting for Lady Elaria filia Robert

Lord Jeuls de Caen, fighting for Lady Antionette Isabeau de Dauphine, chose to fight Sir Elias Loredan, fighting for Countess Mary Rose of Burgundy

Lord Gottfried, fighting for Lady Laura O'Nillian, chose to fight Thegn Christopher Fitzarthur

Lady Mariyah al Medina, fighting for Lord Bjorn H, chose to fight Sir Kazimir Valentov, fighting for Baroness Eahaba

Lady Valora tou Aviya, fighting for Lord Nikita Kieveitch, chose to fight Sir Ivan Petrovich, fighting for Posadnitsa Iaunuk Raventhorne

Lord Bjorn H, fighting for Lady Mariyah al Medina, chose to fight Thegn Charles de Lacy

Lord Nikita Kieveitch, fighting for Lady Valora tou Aviya, chose to fight Lord Thomas de Revel.


Round One is ongoing, there are only two erics in this tournament.  Stay tuned for the results of Round two, when the first eliminations are announced!