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Atenveldt Spring Crown Tourney - Round 1 - Challenges

Greetings! The Challenges and introductions have been completed. His Majesty invited Master Dietrich Niebelung to join the Belted side of the List. Duke Phelan was also on the belted side list, as a DESTRUCTIVE By Fighter. This is the ordedr of the Challenges for this the first Round:

Lord Malcom the Bold vs. Duke Eduard Gomstonksi
Lord Marek the Jew vs. Sir Ivan Petrovich
Lord Duncan bane Fuar Bathais vs. Sir Thomas DeRevelle
Lord Finnian vs. Duke Arthur O'Flaherty
Lord Seved Ribbing vs. Sir Tighearnain the Hound
Lord Michael Mac Tigernaig vs. Sir Kazemir Valentov
Lord Birgir Bjarnarson vs, Sir Shawn Kilkenny
Sayyida Mariyah al-Medinah vs. Sir Donngal Buchanan
Lord Dominic Coltbayn vs. Sir Oslaf of Northumbria
Lord Ruadan Mac Dhubgaill vs. Sir Dugal MacPherson the Tall
Lord Ruadhan Mac Aoidh vs. Sir Balin Michael Guiscard
Lord Seadcheagn An Cathan vs. Duke Phelan O'Coilean
Lord Osric Maximillian von Schartzwald vs. Master Dietrich Niebelung

 There are two erics in this tournament and the round is getting ready to start.