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The Day After - Opening Court Report

This morning, the sun shone brightly as the populace gathered around the blue and yellow pavillion to begin the day. Their Majesties and Highnesses sat with all of the Barons and Baronesses except for Ered Sul. Her Majesty stated that now, the War season had truly begun, and that Estrella promises to be an epic time. She mentioned that the current Bard of the Sun, Lord Patrick the Butcher, was preparing shenanigans that would delight and suprise the populace.

Baron Heinrich and Baroness Julianna came forth and spoke about the upcoming Barmaids event, being held the weekend of April 20th. There are plenty of activities for everyone, including a series of A&S classes that will be offered to the populace!

 Then, I came forward and spoke of the success of the paper fan fundraiser. All 54 fans were sold in less than a half hour. Another run of fans will be available for sale at Estrella War. In addition, I spoke of photography commissions that would be accepted for a contribution to the Kingdom General Fund as well as the book drive for the sale happening at Kingdom A&S Collegium being held at Mons Tonitrus the second weekend in June.

Baron Brian and his Lordship Chance came forward and spoke about their respective tournaments. Both tournaments will include bearpit and traditional tournament styles, allowing for lots fo fighting. Throughout these announcements, there was a gaiety and joy in the populace as they exchanged jokes and revelery back and forth with the assembled royalty.

Finally, Their Majesties stated that a medallion had been found near the thrones and that they wished for the person to come forward. Since no one stood and claimed the medallion, His Majesty walked out of the Pavillion to Lady Bethia Somers (known as B), the Acting Kingdom Sheriff, and stated that perhaps this medallion belonged to her. Confused, she showed him her Beacon medallion and stated she already had that award. His Majesty bade her to look closer and see that the medallion in his hand was for the Light of Atenveldt! The crowd roared with laughter and approval as a bewildered Bethia was led to the thrones and presented as the newest member of this august Order.

On that high note, court recessed and the tournaments began in earnest. Stay tuned to the Kingdom of Atenveldt Faebook page for rapid fire coverage of closing court!