Ground Rules

This is THL Jerusha a'laon, your Virtual Herald.

This is my own space and the opinions on this blog are my own and are not in any way, shape or form those of the officers, Crowns and Coronets of Atenveldt. This is a free and open space for anyone who is interested in additional content from the Virtual Herald.

I'm not interested in having this blog become a political battleground. I just want to be able to serve my kingdom as well as have an outlet for the journalism and photography degree I got from Northern Arizona University. Please respect that.

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Round Six Coming up!

We're down to five fighters, and the By will make another appearance this round, and he will be fighting Sir Thomas, the only undefeated fighter.  Remember, the By fight is destructive!  
We're down to the wire and it looks like the new Prince of the Sun will be determined in the next couple of rounds, which are going to be some juicy fights!