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Barony of Atenveldt Investiture


I apologize for the lateness of this Court report.

Their Majesties elevated Erik Bloodaxe Erikson and Thyri Erickson to the Star of the Desert, Gules, for their efforts at Estrella War.  They then recessed their court.

During Edward and Annalies' final court, the following awards and recognition were given out:

Sir Elias Loredan & Mirelle de Leseaux - Palm Leaf of Atenveldt

Merewin of Edington & Edeline de Diekirche - Bowman rank in Archery

Kedivor Tal ap Cadugan - Azure Chalice

Nader of Barony Atenveldt - Sable Axe

Jean Andre Boeye - Purpure Clarion

Ritchyrd MacUath, Countess Leonore, Lady Morgaine, Lord Timmogen, Lady Sage, m'lord Tooker - Baroness' Signet

During Seelo's and Elena's first court, they bestowed upon Lord Duncan Bane Fuar Bathais the Azure Chalice.

It was truly a lovely day, and there was a lot of happiness and joy.  The food smelled good, and I hear that those who partook in the feast had a great time.

Coronation is this weekend and I promise to do a better job of reporting.  Until then, Atenveldt!