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Crown Tournament Finals and Wrap Up

Forgive me for not typing this up sooner.  I was overtaken by events.

Round six began with the rain starting to fall.  The fights went very quickly, and I did not have time to watch them because I was updating round five the whole time.  After the fights were over, Tristan, Donnegal and Ivan remained.

I did stop long enough to observe the fight between Tristan and Morgan.  Morgan is back in the circut after stepping down as Baron of Twin Moons.  He made a vow when he stepped up to the Baronial Thrones that he would not fight in Crown while he was Baron.  He kept that vow and was the first to submit his letter and be accepted to the list.  He did this in court right after he stepped down at Twin Moon's Baronial Birthday event in June.

Tristan is his knight.

That was the longest fight of that round and in the end, Tristan prevailed.  At the end of round six, he was still the only fighter who was undefeated.

Round seven began with Ivan vs. Donnegal.  Donnegal prevailed, thus ending Ivan's chance at the crown.  Fear not, however.  We'll see him again on the list, and he'll win it too.

Tristan then fought the by fighter, Duke Mathghamhain.  Throughout the tournament, His Grace fought as a destructive By fighter.  This did not change for that fight.  I also believe that His Grace was Tristan's knight.  In the end, though, Tristan prevailed.  He was still undefeated going into the final round.

It was at this point that the rain started falling in earnest.  People ran for cover, and I had to scramble to make sure my electronic devices did not get wet (this stuff is expensive, you know).  His Majesty decreed a delay to let the weather pass by.

After about a half an hour, though, it was clear that the storm would be staying for awhile.  In fact, the rain kept coming down harder.  Donnegal and Tristan chose to fight anyway.  The final fight was announced and everyone gathered around the eric.  I stayed under the list tent, to protect my electronics, but there was a clear view from where I stood, since the crowd was careful not to block the list table's view.

It was announced that Tristan had chosen to keep his advantage going into the final round.  Thus, Donnegal would have to win twice in order to claim the day. As the Heralds announced the two fighters, the thunder and lightning seemed to punctuate their words, provoking whoops and hollers of approval from the crowd.  Although it was raining, the Aten Sun was shining fiercely in the souls of the fighters and the populace as they observed the ritual of Crown Tournament.  Many comments about Thor were overheard by the list table.

Alas, I could not really watch the fight, as the fighters kept to the left of the eric, which was blocked by the populace.  However, the final blow was struck, and Donnegal fell.  Just as Tristan was proclaimed Prince, a peal of thunder sounded not very far from where we stood.  It seems that Thor approved.  The crowd roared, and Tristan placed the Prince's crown on his brow, followed by his declaration of love and devotion to his lady wife, Damiana.  In turn, he place the crown on her brow, too.

After that, there was a scramble because the rain started falling REALLY bad.  I made my way to the troll tent and awaited news of court.  The chivalry began their meeting under the kingdom pavilion and then it was announced that Court was recessed until Sunday morning.  I was offsite soon after.

Alas, I could not be there today.  I sit at home, waiting to hear from my correspondent about the results of the tournaments and announcements from final court. The modern world sometimes has to intrude, and loudly.

However, I took the time today to write this so that the saga of this Tournament would have a closing chapter.

It was truly an exhausting day and I am still recovering from it.  However, as long as I am able to, I will always attend Crown Tournament.  Truly, a magical day, rain and all.

Until next time, Atenveldt!

THL Jerusha
Virtual Herald


Round five results and round six Erics

Round Five has ended and the following fighters have been eliminated:

L. Odde
Duke Eduard
L. Valora
Baron Zhigmun
Duke Phelan

We're down to six fighters.  All of them except for Jarl Tristan, have one loss.

Round five erics

Round Four Results

The following gentles have been eliminated after round four:

Master Dietrich
Viscount Sterling
L. Thaddeus
L. Duncan
Sir Sylvester
L. Eirik

We're at round five and we're now down to two erics.  THe rain's coming, but there's some bruisers coming up.  I'm going to try to live tweet a couple of the fights, but no guarantees.

Stay tuned for round five!

Round four erics

Round Three Results

Here are the gentles eliminated after round three:

THL Giles
L Finnian
L. Malcom
L. Temur
L. Birgir
Master Charles
Sir Dougal
Sir Balin
Duke Arthur.

Round FOur is on deck.  Still at four erics, since the weather is getting ominous.  Stay tuned!


Round three erics

Round Two Results

The following fighters have been eliminated from the tournament:

L. Ruadhan
L. Maryiah
L. Nikita
L. Seved
L. Michael
L. Ingvarr
L. Tiberious
L. Josephus
L. James

Many thanks to these gentles and their efforts on the field of honor.  Round Three is going on.

Stay tuned!


Round two erics

Round one erics

Fall 2012 Crown Tournament - First Round Challenges!

Greetings, folks!

the first round is getting ready to start.  After a formal processional, in which Thier Majesties bestowed the Blood of Fenris to both Lord Josephus Africanus and Lord Birgir, the sword oath was administered and the first round challenges were issued.

As per tradition in the field, the chivalry side was augmented by those on the unbelted side that His Majesty felt could stand on the other side and even things up.

Congratulations to the following gentles for being so chosen:

Thegn Charles
Lord Odde
Lady Valora
Lord Thaddeus.

Once that was done, those on the unbelted side were called to issue challenge in backwards order of precendence.  These are the fights for this first round of Crown Tournament!

L. Josephus vs. Viscount Sterling
L. Tiberius vs. Duke Phelan
L. Birgir vs. Duke Arthur
L. Einarr vs. Baron Zighmund
L. Ruhan vs. Sir Ivan
L. Seved vs. Sir Sylvester
L. Maryiah vs. Thegn Morgan
L. Erik vs. Sir Dougal
L. Ingvar vs. Duke Edward
L. Michael vs. Sir Balin
L. Finian vs. Jarl Tristan
L. Nikita vs. Sir Donnegal
L. Duncan vs. L. Valoria
L. James vs. L. Odde
L. Temur vs. Thegn Charles
THL. GIles vs. L. Thaddeus
Master Dietich vs. Duke Mann (DESTRUCTIVE By fighter!)

Good luck, gentlemen!

Pictures to be posted on Twitter - @virtual_aten!