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Fall 2012 Crown Tournament - First Round Challenges!

Greetings, folks!

the first round is getting ready to start.  After a formal processional, in which Thier Majesties bestowed the Blood of Fenris to both Lord Josephus Africanus and Lord Birgir, the sword oath was administered and the first round challenges were issued.

As per tradition in the field, the chivalry side was augmented by those on the unbelted side that His Majesty felt could stand on the other side and even things up.

Congratulations to the following gentles for being so chosen:

Thegn Charles
Lord Odde
Lady Valora
Lord Thaddeus.

Once that was done, those on the unbelted side were called to issue challenge in backwards order of precendence.  These are the fights for this first round of Crown Tournament!

L. Josephus vs. Viscount Sterling
L. Tiberius vs. Duke Phelan
L. Birgir vs. Duke Arthur
L. Einarr vs. Baron Zighmund
L. Ruhan vs. Sir Ivan
L. Seved vs. Sir Sylvester
L. Maryiah vs. Thegn Morgan
L. Erik vs. Sir Dougal
L. Ingvar vs. Duke Edward
L. Michael vs. Sir Balin
L. Finian vs. Jarl Tristan
L. Nikita vs. Sir Donnegal
L. Duncan vs. L. Valoria
L. James vs. L. Odde
L. Temur vs. Thegn Charles
THL. GIles vs. L. Thaddeus
Master Dietich vs. Duke Mann (DESTRUCTIVE By fighter!)

Good luck, gentlemen!

Pictures to be posted on Twitter - @virtual_aten!