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Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition 2012 - Final Court wrap up and List of Winners


After a long day of judging, tournaments, socializing, meetings and fun, final court began.  Her Majesty Illora was running the show as His Majesty had to leave for a family commitment.

Court began with announcing the winners of the various tournaments held during the day.  THL Malise came forward and announced Lord Takago, who had earlier been awarded with the Luxbruder of Atenveldt, as the overall winner of the day.  He received a book about armor and weaponry.

HE Heinrich of Mons Tonitrus was named as the fighter with the most period look on the field.  He was given a rapier blade.

Lord Duncan then came up and introduced the three youth fighters that participated in their tournament.  These future Kings and Queens were M'lord Jacob Fisher, M'lady Alexis, and M'lord Christopher ap Odde.  They were all declared winners and given a boffer great sword for their participation.  M'lord Christopher got a second sword for showing the most fearlessness in the field.

Baroness Elena and Sir Nudd then came forward to recognize the winners of the first annual Duke Deaton Greatsword Tournament.  Lord Ciaran Gallowglass was recognized as the most chivalrous fighter.  He was presented a set of stainless steel gauntlets.  His Highness Tristan gave them to him and publically recognized him for his conduct on the tournament field.  Sir Jakob, his knight, was also recognized for having such a gallant squire.

The overall winner of the Tournament, however, was the Honorable Giles Richardson.  He fought for the honor of Her Excellency Julianna of Mons Tonitrus.  He recieved a set of greaves made by the hands of Sir Casca and Sir Nudd.  Her Excellency was allowed first pick of the Ladies Prize table.

Baroness Elena then spoke of the consort lamentation contest.  It truly added an element of fun and gaiety to the tournament, watching the ladies react to their fighters on the field.   Her Excellency, along with several other ladies, just couldn't pick a decisive winner and instead chose a top three and an honorable Mention.

In first place, we had Lady Allasan Tamelyn, whose hysterics and lamenations on the field on behalf of her lord husband Odde were a tribute to her love for him.  She was invited to the Ladies Table to pick out a prize.

Second, M'lord Jacob Fisher was recognized for his reaction to Lord Henrich's death on the field: "Are you my new daddy?"

In Third, Lady Anna Sophia was recognized for her efforts at clearing the field of her fighter after he lost.

A special Honorable mention was given to Baron Brian of Granite Mountain, who properly mourned the loss of his squire in true falsetto fashion.  He was also invited to take a prize from the Ladies table, much to the amusement of Baron Zhigmund of Tir Ysgthir.

Following Lady Lia's announcement of the Pas de Arms taking place in Tir Ysgthir on December 16th, Lady Elinore L'Adorable came forth to thank all of the judges who participated in the competition, followed by Master Simon thanking the cooking staff for an excellent luncheon that kept the judges from eating each other and the entries.

After that, the Youth entrants were called forward.  The following future Laurels submitted entries and were allowed to pick prizes from the Children's Table:

M'lord Christopher ap Odde with two entries
M'lord Tristan ap Odde with two entries
M'lady Arwen MacArthur
M'lady Annalise
M'lord Jacob Fisher

Congratuations to M'lord Jacob, who was the overall winner as is the first Arts and Sciences Youth Champion that the kingdom has had in many years!

The winners of the Novice and the Open Categories were announced.  Each winner received a wonderful, unique scroll made by the West of Windale Scriptorium and other Scribes of the kingdom under the direction of Mistress Eden Blacksmith.  Congratulations to all the winners:


Bannthegn Lisabetta Bartholomeo Zanca - Clothing, Needlework, Heraldic Display
Louis Lefevre - Arms and Armor
Lord Thomas Mac Aedan - Spirits & Brewing

Lady Anya Seergeva - Clothing, Heraldic Display, Leatherwork
Lady Clarice Alienor Neep - Needlework, Textiles, Writing
Lady Tiphina of Ledbury - Performing Arts
Posadnik Ivan Petrovich - Woodworking
Lady Nefertari Ani Eponis - Spirits & Brewing
Lady Allasan Tamlyn - Homesteading
Lord Odde ap Tam - Lace
Lord Arminius von Bitsenberg - Instruments

Populace Choice, Novice:  Bannthegn Lisabetta Bartolomeo Zanca

Populace Choice, Open: Sir Mathias Alexandrose Casca

Populace Choice, Performing Arts:  Lady Lia le Citolur

After all of the prize giving, Master Raven and Mistress Elsa, the outgoing Champion, came forward and thanked all of the participants, judges, and staff that worked to make the event a success.  Her Majesty then came forward and thanked the two ladies who put themselves forward for champion and expressed the difficulty of the decision.  She then announced that Lady Kristen Maria Matz had won the day and was proclaimed the next Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion!  There was tremendous applause as she came forward to recieve her medallion and recognition.  I might also add that she was also one of the site stewards for the event, so this is definitely a well earned accolade.  Congratulations!

Finally, Her Majesty called forward Lord Martin de Gras, who ran and leaped his way into her presence.  He was commended for his excellent job as Steward and recognized for his grace, courtesy and good bearing.  Her Majesty stated that she looked to him as an example of proper behavior and because of this, awarded him with her Grace to the thunderous approval of the crowd.

Court ended right after that and everyone scrambled to get out of the site, since it was well past dark by then.  I myself headed out to dinner and went to bed not soon after.

Overall, a very successful day.  Congratulations to all so honored, and I encourage you to check out the various pictures of the artifacts entered and of the days events.  Always, a fun day in Atenveldt.