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Fall Coronation Report - the Ascension of Tristan II and Damiana II


Right after Her Majesty Damiana was crowned and proclaimed, I realized I wouldn't have enough power in my device to report on their opening court.

As is tradition in this kingdom, once the Queen is proclaimed, the various oaths of service and fealty were administered.  Their Majesties began with the Landed Barons and Baronesses, explaining that they felt it was important to acknowledge their role as stewards of the Crown's lands.

Following this, the Peerage made their oaths, starting with the Chivalry.  Those peers who do not swear fealty but wish to acknowledge and wish the Crown well came forth and shared drink, with Master Balldrich, the sole Master of Arms in attendance, making a short speech.

The populace came forth to swear their oaths, followed by the officers of the kingdom.

Once the Coronation court was closed, the official court was opened and Their Majesties were proclaimed by the crowd.  His Majesty Tristan came forth and spoke of the themes he wished to express during his reign.

He began by acknowledging that the King of the East was the true Storm King, due to a little girl named Sandy that packed a nice punch (and delayed the delivery of Countess Ilora's scroll, made in its entirety by Maestra Alex the Scribe, Signet Emeritus of Atenveldt).  Being the good sport that He is, he decided to name his reign the "Revenge of the Weather King" instead, the acclaim of the populace.  To start out his reign, He and Her Majesty gave out little packages containing ponchos to the Barons and Baronesses as well as the crowd.

After the laughs died down, talk became more serious.  He spoke of how the Society is a huge family and the difference between Blood and Chosen Family.  He reminded the people that we as a Kingdom are a large chosen family and to enjoy each other and never forget to acknowledge and thank them for being part of your life.  He spoke in sadness of those who could not join us and asked us to keep them in our hearts.

Following this, the Senior Members of the court were introduced and the Guards and Ladies asked to come forward to receive their favors, which were blue satchels with the Aten Sun painted on the cover.

Her Majesty Damiana came forward and spoke.  She stated that They would make a concerted effort to ensure that as many people as possible were thanked for their work in the Kingdom, whether at court or in private.  She then called forward the gentles that worked on the garb that Their Majesties were wearing today.  Mistress Francesca, who was the lead for the project, was given a book of patterns for her service.  Lady Rosamand and Lady Margaret who worked on the embroidery, were given jewelery.  Also thanked and given largesse were Baroness Eahba for her work in making the guard and lady favors for the court  as well and Lady Norah for her services as Site Steward and Baroness Saba for organizing the Soup Kitchen lunch for the day.

Thegn Morgan and Bannthegn Elizabeth came forth with a small presentation of a little snowglobe with a monkey in it.  His Majesty made a great show of playing with it.

Thomas and Illora came forth to collect their due for having served the kingdom with their first reign.  Count Thomas' scroll was made in its entirety by Mistress Dairine and Countess Ilora was inducted into the Ladies of the Rose by the assembled Royal Peeresses, being given several rose pendants to begin her collection.

Finally, Their Majesties spoke of Estrella War and their wish for all of the troops to be a sea of blue and yellow.  As an incentive, they stated that they would be looking to give out the Esprit de Corps award to the best dressed fighting unit at this year's war.  They rolled out the fabulous banner made by Sir Valora that would be given to the winning unit.  They also stressed that this award was NOT limited to units from Atenveldt and that ANY UNIT from ANY KINGDOM was eligible to win the prize.  This made Princess Mari of Cynagua smile.

Court was then recessed.  Before doing so, Their Majesties stressed that court would not close until the end of their reign.  Court could happen at Any Time during a Kingdom Event.