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Atenveldt Crown Tourney Round 1: Call to Glory

The Chivalry lined up in OP order on one side, the non belts on the other.  His Majesty invited the following non belted fighters to move to the Chivalry side of the Roster:

Lord Marek the Jew
Master Thomas Godefroy
Lord Einar (aka Bamm Bamm)

Once the Chivalry side intoduced themselves and their consorts, the non betlts came forth, introduced their consorts, and chose their first fight.  All of the consorts recieved a rose from Her Majesty to commemorate their participation in the Tournament.

The list of bouts are as follows:

THL Franbald vs. Sir Casca
Lord Stefan vs. Duke Arthur
Lord Nikita vs. Sir Donnegal
Lord Alister vs. Sir Ivan
Lord Maghus vs. Count Thomas
Lord Jakob vs. Thegn Morgan
Lord Osric vs. Sir Oslaf
Lord Michael vs. Duke Eduard
Lord Ingvarr vs. Viscount Sterling
Sayidda Mariyah vs. Sir Silvestro
Lord Seved vs. Sir Valora
Lord Ruadhan vs. Lord Einar (Bamm Bamm)
Lord Tiberius vs. Lord Marek
M'lord Alaric vs. Master Thomas

M'lord Marcus, who is the last fighter on the list, introduced his consort.  With the Crown's permission, Sir Brian the Pious, Baron Granite Mountain, came forth and honored him with a red belt, making him his squire, much to his suprise.

His Majesty then called forth Duke Phelan, who will serve as the *destructive* by-fighter for the first round.  Since Phelan was the one who Knighted Sir Brian, this was looked upon by the populace with approval.