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Mace and Greatsword 2013 Court Report

It was a crisp, cool day in the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus.  The night before had brought rain, but the day was looking to be clear and pleasant.  After getting up the various pavilions needed to house the populace, the various Coronets and the Crown, court was called to order.

The Barons and Baronesses processed in, Their heralds extolling their great qualities, followed by Their Majesties processional.

After some introductory announcements, the first ordTonitruser of business was the elevation of Lady Caoilfhionn to the venerable order of the Laurel.  This humble herald was able to secure footage of the ceremony and shares it with all.  Please forgive any errors in it's creation, for they are my own.  You can see the footage here.

Following this, Their Majesties chose to recognize Lady Francesca d'Aymonet for her tireless work in the background by making her a companion of the Light of Atenveldt.

Celestria inghean Rhodan was then called forth and recognized for her diligent efforts in photography and capturing the history of this kingdom (something I am all for!) and made her a Lady of Atenveldt.

Their Royal Majesties then recessed their court and Heinrich and Juliana opened their final court as Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus.  After words of welcome, Their Excellencies got down to the task of recognizing and thanking all of the people who helped them during their reign.  Her Excellency gave personal items to exchanged for a more formal gift later to various members that were of invaluable service to her, including Bannthegn Christine and THL Wolfgang.

Then it was His Excellency's turn.  He gave out copper etched coins to various people whom he thanked, including Master Thomas de Lacy and Lord Takago.

Another member of the populace, Lady Miako, was made to stay so that she could be inducted into the Order of the Silver Morion for her efforts and skill in the art of rapier.

Following this, the Ladies in Waiting were called forward and thanked for their service.  Each was given a copper etched coin and released from service.  Lady Isabelle inghean Alastair was made to stay and inducted into the Order of the Sable Arrows for her efforts in target archery.

After the Baronial Guard was called forth and released with a gift of a copper etched coin, the various Barons and Baronesses in attendance came forth to present Heinrich and Juliana with parting gifts.  Highlights included a woven basket in the shape of a ship by Their Excellenies Zhigmund and Aleyd from Tir Ysgthir as well as lots and LOTS of booze.

In between presentations, the Baronial Officer Corps and Baronial Champions were called forth and released, each receiving a copper etched coin as a token of thanks.

Finally, when all was said and done, Heinrich and Julianna stood alone at their thrones.  They began to take off their coronets, when they were stopped by Their Majesties.  The Royal Court reopened and They bade their subjects to kneel before them.  A heartfelt moment was shared as Their Majesties, who have once held baronial thrones themselves, gave their most sincere thanks to Heinrich and Juliana for their service to the Kingdom and Barony.  They then removed the coronets from their brow and they process out to the acclaim of the audience.

After the audience calmed down, the Herald called forth the heirs.  A processional began as the Herald read out the names of all of the previous Barons and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus:

Heinrich and Juliana
Egan and Meadhbh
Charles and Christine
Seamus and Gwenlillian
Odinel and Judith
Philip and Selina
Duncan and Moire
Morgan and Angelica
Alwyn and Constance
Uchdred and Constance

As the names were called, either the former nobility walked past or a member of the populace holding the shield of one of the above named.  When they all entered the Royal Presence, those Thegns and Bannthegns present gathered around in a circle as Finn and Briged were called forth to take their place among them.  Finn and Briged were invested as the newest Baron and Baroness, but not before relinquishing their household and student obligations, which were done with tears of joy and promises to return.  The Baronial Mace was passed around to all the former nobility and then handed to His Excellency as a symbol of authority.  They took their oaths and swore fealty to the Barony and Kingdom.  Then, they stood and were introduced to the crowd with raucous applause.  Once they took their places on the Baronial thrones, The Royal Herald called for a ten minute recess before continuing on.

During this time, a group photograph was taken of the Barony's Lineage:

When Royal Court reopened, Their Majesties recalled Heinrich and Juliana and recognized them as Thegn and Bannthegn to the approval of the populace.

Then, Finn and Briged opened their first court.

It was a standard opening court, with words of welcome,the installation of the Court and Champions and the swearing in of the Baronial Officer Corps. Their Excellencies also received presentations from several of the attendant Barons and Baronesses as well. Highlights included Glow in the Dark Duct Tape, Baronial feast gear, and a cachet of scrolls for them to use for their awards.  They also installed Heinrich and Juliana to the Order of the Defenders of Mons Tonitrus.  They kept it short and sweet, stating that the would be going around throughout the day and thanking people in person for the assistance received for their investiture.

Once again, Royal Court opened and Their Majesties announced they had a couple of pieces of business that they wished to complete before beginning the day's tournaments.  They thanked the members of the military that were present as visitors to the Current Middle Ages and a round of applause was given for their service.

Duchess Larissa, an emissary from the Kingdom of Trimaris, came forth and provided a small token to Their Majesties from Their cousins in Trimaris.  She then spoke to the populace and gave an open invitation to all to attend Gulf Wars as guests of Trimaris.  She was then lauded by Master Sim the Herald, who kneeled down and advsised her that she was no foriegner, but at true woman of Atenveldt.  This was met with Fierce applause.

THL Johan Wolfgang von Hess was recognized for his dedication to the Arts and Sciences and was given a Fleur de Soleil.

Morrigan o' Menith was called forth and recognized for her 37 years in the Society with a LONG OVERDUE Award of Arms.

Finally, Lady Catherine Schlagel, Matriach of House DeLacy and one of the noblest, kindest women you could ever meet, was made a Commander of the Queen's Grace.

Court was closed and the tournaments began.  Congratulations to all those so honored.