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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Headed Home!


Because of electrical issues, I wasn't able to really post until I got to the airport terminal and was able to plug in my laptop, phone and Kindle.  The flight is delayed according to the airline, so that gives me a little extra time to cover Thursday and Friday evening.

First, here are some pictures of the Maharal Concert.  It was an ensemble of different groups, only one of which is active in the SCA.  Maharal itself consists of a gentleman named Brett and his dancer, known as The Muse.  He plays the Saz, which is a Turkish lute.  He had a full band with him, including drums, guitar, another saz, oboe and zills.  Besides the Muse, there were three other guest dancers.  The music is mostly original work, with original arrangements.  According to the gatebook, they blend "styles from the 12th to 14th Century Europe, Anatolia and the Middle East, as well as Turkish, Arabic and Jewish cultural influences."   Here are a sampling of pictures from that concert:

 Friday night was truly magical.  I got to go up high on the hill and take pictures of the site from that vantage point as well as pictures of the lake and the encampments along the banks.  I also managed to get some nature shots and other assorted goodies.  Here's a sampling from that shoot:

After that, I sauntered over to merchant's row and spent some time with Baron Henry and Baroness Eirny.  They are the current Baron and Baroness of Ered Sul, my home SCA group.  They are both Laurels and merchant at Pennsic and other events as The Treasury, which features Eirny's glass beads in assorted historic jewelery applications.

Now the flight is boarding so this post will continue in Phoenix.  Almost home!