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An Atenveldter at Pennsic: Prelude to the End

The Mahaal concert last night was awesome!  I took over 500 pictures and got some really good shots.  I went to bed early, because I knew today would be a busy day.  I'll have the pictures up when I get home.
This morning I attended three classes.  The first class was on building bust supporting undergarments to achieve a period silohuette.  The instructor was informative and quite funny and had lots of practical suggestions.  I'll be posting a feature length article about her in the future.
Next, I attended a class on the requirements for getting published in the Compleate Anachronist, the SCA's scholarly publication.  Mistress Jadwiga discussed the publication requirements and the peer (scholarly, not SCA) review process that each manuscript is subjected to before publication.  Quite interesting.
After that, I went to a Viking Embroidery class. I didn't stay long, and the instructor emphatically asked not to have her picture taken.  The handout was very informative, though.
I stopped by Mystic Mail and picked up my phone and put in my order for handouts.  Contrary to popular belief,  not all of the class handouts are available nor can they all be purchased.  It is up to each instructor to determine whether or not to make theitr handouts available.  I also found out that they close at 5 today, so this will actually be my last post onsite.  I'll be posting from the airport tomorrow.
This afternoon, I'll be helpng to tear down the Atenveldt Encampment.  Because of this, I'll be missing the closing ceremonies.  Perhaps next time.
However, I will be getting a tour of the site this evening with one of the Pennsic War staff and take some pictures.  I'm really exciterd about that.
Well, time to get cracking on that tent.  It won't pack itself...