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This is THL Jerusha a'laon, your Virtual Herald.

This is my own space and the opinions on this blog are my own and are not in any way, shape or form those of the officers, Crowns and Coronets of Atenveldt. This is a free and open space for anyone who is interested in additional content from the Virtual Herald.

I'm not interested in having this blog become a political battleground. I just want to be able to serve my kingdom as well as have an outlet for the journalism and photography degree I got from Northern Arizona University. Please respect that.

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Coming up Next: Crown Tournament!

Greetings, Atenveldt!

Fall (well, sort of...this *is* Arizona, after all) Crown Tournament is upon us!  I look forward to providing the populace with enhanced coverage through this blog as well as the Kingdom of Atenveldt Facebook Page!

Crown Tournament has always been one of my favorite events.  I enjoy the heraldic pageantry, the inspiration and grace of the consorts and the prowess of the fighters.  As Corona Herald, I got to really get an insiders look at the tournament, as well as the best seat in the house for the finals!

I wish Lord Martin de Gras, my successor as Corona, all the best in his first tournament.  I myself will be day-tripping on Saturday with Master Godfrey, Lady Corynne, and their children.  I expect to get there bright and early to set up my computer, my camera and have my phone ready to go!

Since this will be my first Atenveldt event with Enhanced Coverage, I have an idea of how I'd like things to go, but they may change as the day progresses.  I will try to get a good seat next to the list table so that I can profile those gentles that are checking in to fight.  I will then micro blog opening court on the face book page.  I will then do a running post on the rounds, uploading pictures of the eric list as well as commentary on who won or lost their bouts after each round. Coverage will probably get more intense during the semi finals and finals.  Once the winner is determined, I will post it to the Atenveldt FB page.  Final Court will be blogged on the FB page as well.  An event wrap up report will then be posted on the blog, complete with a summary of court and the awards given.

Please stay tuned to this blog throughout the day on Saturday.  It's going to be a great time!

Until then, Atenveldt!